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Healing Resolution
Through Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is the key to healing resolution, with help from our Creator, our angels or spirit guides and the Sunan method. Welcome to the home page of the Sunan Society.

The Sunan method of healing resolution through unconditional love consists of five distinct yet interrelated therapies. The Sunan method is unlike traditional therapy. It also differs from most other alternative healing methods in that the Sunan method offers a more complete and lasting healing resolution.

The word Sunan means harmony. By actively addressing the whole self - the spiritual and emotional parts together with the mental and physical - Sunan therapies help restore harmony and balance among all of self.

The Sunan method regards self-judgment as the origin of disharmony and disease at all levels of self: spiritual, emotional, mental and even physical. Even the slightest judgment we hold against self limits our ability to love self unconditionally, since judgment invariably imposes some kind of limitation.

The goal of the Sunan method is to help us release only those self-judgments we are prepared to face emotionally. Releasing self-judgment automatically increases our ability to love self with fewer limitations (judgments/conditions) attached to that love.

Judgment release also empowers us by helping us reclaim and then live our unique personal truths at all levels of our being. The Sunan method recognizes that self-judgment has separated each of us from our personal truth and ultimately is what keeps us in painful cycles of self-victimization.

Which self-judgments we face during therapy is not decided by the Sunan therapist. Instead, our issues are chosen by our own guides or angels, then communicated intuitively to the Sunan therapist and to us as clients at the same time, when both are in a shared subjective altered state.

Due to a flow of unconditional love, the subjective altered state is supportive, similar to prayer or meditation. In this state, we treat ourselves like our own best friends and are far more prepared to face our issues and release our judgments against self.

With help from our guides as well as from non-physical healers in the Sunan Society, we and our Sunan therapist review information about our issues. The therapist's role is one of emotional support, helping us to examine all of the options that judgment against self prevented us from perceiving previously.

The flow of unconditional love in the subjective altered state enables us to review even traumatic events without having to re-experience any of the associated pain. As clients, we are always firmly in charge during any of the Sunan therapies, which are described individually on our Sunan Therapies page.

"Judgment release must be real and deeply felt,
not just given lip service or intellectual understanding."
-From Right Use of Will by Ceanne DeRohan

The Sunan Website Privacy Statement

The members of the Sunan Society respect the individual's right to privacy. The following statements illustrate some of the ways in which we honor that privacy:

We believe that whether you visit this site one time or one thousand times is your business, not ours. That means we do not count "hits" on this site, and we will not leave "cookies" in your browser directories.

Please be aware that although many of the stories included in our web pages reveal intimate details of personal healing experiences, actual client names appear only if the clients have given their fully expressed permission. In all other cases, fictitious names have been used to ensure the client's privacy.

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